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XK8/R Dial Bezels

Complete Dial Bezel Ring Sets can be purchased for as little as £60 for a 3 ring set or £90 for 6

Dial Bezel Fitting Instructions
1. Push the bezel into the opening and turn until the contours meet the shape of the dash.
2. Take note of the position and remove the bezel.
3. Apply a small amount of the silicone (we recommend you use a clear silicone as an adhesive) to the internal radius of the bezel and push back into the aperture, moving slightly if necessary to obtain a snug fit.
4. Wipe off any excess silicone with a damp cloth and leave to set in accordance with the silicone manufacturers instructions.
5. If you are worried about slippage occurring whilst the silicone is setting the bezel(s) can be held in place with some masking tape.

In vehicles manufactured between 96-98 the shape of the dash changed slightly which may require some manipulation of the bezel shape in order to achieve a snug fit. Alternatively, Paragon can fit the bezels to your vehicle at a cost of £70


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