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FOR SALE - 1998 Jaguar XK8


£15000.00 ONO



Although this XK8 has a high mileage (165536 miles) it has been meticulously looked after by the current owner. It has an excellent and full service history, consisting of:
Service book with stamps up to 2009, then receipts and an Excel file containing all documented maintenance work, modifications & improvements carried out over the last 14 years of ownership.

The XK8 has a 2005 body kit fitted (Rear bumper, side skirts and nose cone), HID dipped headlamps, a full bore stainless steel exhaust system from the centre box back, which allows the 4 litre V8 to ‘growl’ as it should.

It also has ‘Real Gauge’ modifications which make the temperature and oil pressure gauges ‘real time’ rather than the normal ‘ECU driven’ gauges.

Rear parking sensors, recently refurbished 20” Senta alloy wheels with stainless steel valves and Michelin Super Sport tyres all round
Lowering springs fitted to the rear end, then 4 wheel laser aligned and rear camber shims fitted to bring all wheel geometry back to within tolerances.
The front wheels have spacers to accept the Senta wheel PCD and the rear discs have been modified to the same PCD
Plus lots more …..


All the major corrosion areas on this Jag have been professionally repaired by ourselves at PARAGON to an extremely high standard:
Both rear wheel arches including lower rear quarter wing sections, rear bumper hangers, both rear sill sections, both floor pans, a newly fabricated front cross member fitted, chassis rails repaired and a front end bare metal de-rust and respray.

All the work carried out has been fully documented, with many photographs and modification and restoration valuation reports.

As an idea of the level of work carried out on this exceptional XK8, it has a current insurance agreed valuation of £20,000, with ClassicLine Insurance.

Over the last 3 years, the current owner has renewed a front wheel bearing, installed a new A/C condenser and R134a re-gas, fitted a new rear brake back plate, fitted new rear handbrake shoes and fitted a reconditioned cabin heater pump. It has also had a reconditioned torque converter fitted, the ABS module has been professionally repaired and a new Michelin rear tyre fitted and more ….

Everything works on this Jaguar XK8…. And we mean absolutely everything!

As well as the bodywork, the internal condition of the XK8 is in exceptionally good.

The current owner holds an Excel file, which contains the dates, mileages and a description of every single bit of the work (modifications, restoration and service items) carried out on this XK8 over the past 14 years.

We hold a copy file, containing all the restoration and modification work, plus the Excel file, which has the ‘work carried out’ information.

We highly recommend that if you are interested in knowing more about this lovely XK8, or wish to see some or all of the restoration and modification pictures, or the Excel file, please feel free and just ask us.

The starting negotiation price for this lovely Jaguar XK8 is £15000.00 and will come with a full years MOT.
The private registration plate: L8 TSH (for those who are never on time – Late ….ish J) will also stay with the vehicle.


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