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Paragon Design will ship its products to anywhere in the world. This is normally done by air and by sea, sea travel does take a lot longer transit time, however this shows in a much lower price.

Kits shipped to other countries are sent in purpose made wooden crates, we are happy for you to arrange your own shipping but you need to allow £150 for the price of the crate.

The crate as a standard, measure 190cm X 90cm X 90cm and weighs no more than 100 kilogrammes loaded, these weights and sizes are based on a Verendum Kit, depending on what kit/parts you buy the crate can be made smaller which will decrease the price.

An example of a Verendum Kit being sent by air to Canada can cost £1000 (door to door service) but by sea (Vancouver Port) this is reduced by half to £500 (prices include the cost of the crate)

For a more accurate quote please Contact Us

For more information please email or call (+44)01603279027

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